Thursday 13 August 2015

Transport of delight

This morning Don stopped by.

He lives just above the canal in Skipton and has a boat share himself. He said he'd followed this blog for a while, so it was really nice of him to call. Great to meet you, Don!

I'd carefully checked out on the internet the number and location of the bus we were to catch this morning, to take us out to the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway. Unfortunately the bus now leaves from a different stand, so we missed it and had to take a taxi. Oops!

It was a mile and a half to walk from the station to Bolton Abbey, but it was well worth it.

We had a great picnic spot, on a tree stump by the River Wharfe.

Just the other side of the bridge are stepping stones across the river,

which were good fun as long as no one got scared in the middle and caused a traffic jam.

Upstream again and through the woods is the "Welly Walk", with lots of activity spots for children.

The whole site is overlooked by the ruins – a very impressive setting.

Eventually it was time to walk back to the station, and wait for the train

to take us home.

Unfortunately, when we got back to Embsay we found that there was no connecting bus for the last train of the day. We had to call a taxi again. Oops!

So we think we're going to celebrate a great day / console ourselves for the taxis by patronising Bizzie Lizzie's Fish and Chip establishment – again!


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