Friday 14 August 2015

Singin' in the rain

As promised, it poured. The Eller Beck was transformed from a stream to a torrent through Skipton. But we had things to do anyway. First thing was to reverse back to Pennine Boats for a pump-out. Three grandchildren seem to have shortened considerably the time since the last one. Then there was some shopping in Morrisons. A late lunch and finally, with the rain easing a little, we were able to get away, heading for Gargrave.

Some way into the trip Sam and Theo discovered my Swanee and penny whistles. Elissa complained at the noise being created in the boat, and a happy compromise was reached by bringing them out onto the cruiser deck as we travelled.

The sound was appalling or exhilarating depending on your point of view, and they played a loud accompaniment to the singing of the Erin Mae song. We were the only boat moving for miles around, so I'm satisfied nobody else's music sensibilities were offended.

I was shocked at how late we arrived at our mooring by the winding hole in Gargrave, but there had been no complaints at all of "Grandpa, I'm hungry". Music is obviously the food of more than love.


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