Wednesday 26 August 2015

Next to godliness

Every so often my best beloved gets into clean-the-boat-from-back-to-front mode. It's a personality trait sadly lacking in yours truly – don't they say it was early exposure to dust and bugs that set me up for a healthy life? However, harmony needs to reign on Erin Mae, so I fit in as best I can. Often that entails a certain amount of absence, and today I had ample excuse to go hunting – for batteries for the cooking scales, for a machine screw that holds two important things together, and for information about where Son Nº 3 and wife can leave their car for a couple of nights as they join us tomorrow for a bit of boating.

Meanwhile I'd put on a sheet to wash – I don't think son and wife would appreciate sleeping on the same one used by their two nephews last week – and my best beloved needed to get the Dyson out. That all needed lots of juice from the sources of electricity, and that necessitated running the engine for lengthy periods. In fact, when I work it out, I think today will qualify as having the highest number of engine hours ever for a day in which we moved about 50 yards (to avoid overstaying our welcome on the 24 hour mooring).

So that was my major contribution to the clean up. But I did also get down on my hands and knees to apply some nice wax cleaner / polish to the newly washed oak flooring. Tonight there is the smell of clean-ness lingering in the cabin.


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