Friday 27 August 2021

All wired up

Wayne the electrician arrived at 9 a.m., and did a great job. I'd had a good look at the shower pump's wiring last night, and Wayne concurred with my conclusions about what was what. It was his hands, of course, that sorted it out, while I did helpful things like turn the switch on and off on command.

All now seems to be fixed, so we shelled out the dosh and set out for Rugby. An expedition to Tesco beckoned – it was just unfortunate that it was uphill from the supermarket back to the canal. We moved on  a mile or so to moor up for the night where it's less noisy.

Mind you, it didn't stop a hire-boat hitting Erin Mae while misjudging the line between us and an oncoming boat. My baser instincts rattled the bars of their cage, but in the end we let it pass without comment!


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