Thursday 26 August 2021

Still stopped at Stretton

I finished off the cooking of last night's tea under the grill, and that required switching the inverter on. Unfortunately I forgot to turn it off again. When we got up this morning, the SmartGauge showed the batteries' state of charge as just 54%, even though the inverter was running nothing but itself. A normal figure might be between 70 and 80. I am reminded why in 2016 I went through the process I called Twelvoltification, getting rid of everything I could that needed mains voltage, and running everything off 12 volts. This morning I felt thoroughly justified in my decision, and thoroughly annoyed that I had to run the engine to get the batteries up to a reasonable SOC again. The solar panel gave some assistance in the afternoon, but the days have generally been dull.

Today the new shower extractor pump arrived, but not until late afternoon, and Jamie came to fit it. Unfortunately there were issues with the wiring that he was unable to resolve, so we're still here at the end of a day doing largely nothing. We have a promise that someone will be here first thing tomorrow, so we're hoping it can all be dealt with quickly. We have to get to Napton Junction by Sunday evening, doing a proper Tesco shop in Rugby on the way, and the schedule's starting to look a bit tight!


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