Friday 6 August 2021


With work on Erin Mae delayed till after the weekend, today we took the bus into Lichfield. The Rough Guide isn't very complimentary about anything except the cathedral, but we found a lot to enjoy, even in the rain.

We dropped into a Samuel Johnson museum, and had lunch in one of the many small, independent caf├ęs. But the cathedral is certainly the place to visit. From the outside it is very imposing Gothic, partly because you don't get much of a view of it until you're quite close.

Inside, it has much in common with other cathedrals of its era.

But some features are unique. It has a side-room, dating back to King John, specially for Maundy Thursday foot-washing. That leads on to the Chapter House, a room with two amazing artefacts on show. First, the Lichfield Angel, an 8th century panel carved from limestone, and thought to be part of a chest which had contained the relics of St Chad. It was discovered under the nave of the cathedral in 2003.

And then, also from the 8th century, the St Chad Gospels.

This book has a significance comparable to that of the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells. It's been in the possession of Lichfield Cathedral since the 10th century.

A good way to spend a rainy day.


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