Wednesday 25 August 2021

Stopped at Stretton Stop

As promised, Jamie turned up first thing this morning to examine the pump that extracts water from the shower tray.

Not only was he a knowledgeable boater and engineer, but also a guitarist, so we enjoyed chatting with him. But what would he say about the pump?

The relay in the junction box was working but the fuse, which was OK yesterday, had blown again – an indication that the fault was something inside the pump. He hoped it might be the impeller (relatively cheap and easy to fix) but eventually concluded it was the motor itself. Only solution unfortunately is a whole new pump – much more expensive, and hope it fits the space. So that's on order for tomorrow. And he also had a reason (and a remedy) for an apparently intact hose dribbling water in spite of having its Jubilee clip well tightened.

Meanwhile it's been getting unseasonably chilly sitting here in the boat. Since there's no point in having a rejuvenated stove if you don't use it, I eventually fired it up, and it warmed us through nicely!


  1. You can't be too far from us. Intent it to pop over for a quick hi

    1. Be great to see you, Mark. We'll hopefully head off quickly tomorrow once they've finally sorted the shower pump. Then we'll be in something of a rush to get to Napton Junction by Sunday evening. We're with family there Monday and Tuesday, and perhaps could hook up after that?

  2. Just let me know when would be a good day/time. An evening would work better for us