Tuesday 10 August 2021


Around the hole left by the removal of Erin Mae's flue is a patch of black stuff – silicone.

In the wider world, silicone can mean all sorts of things, from oils to rubbery-feeling kitchen utensils. In the boating world it tends to mean the sort of adhesive / sealant that you squeeze out of a tube. It's very useful, until you want to remove it. And then it's a nightmare.

Nigel, the manager in charge of the work they're doing, was off sick today, and I think we were dropped down the queue of urgent jobs. He does practical as well as desk work, and they were feeling the strain of being a man short. So I thought I'd get my fingers on the silicone – they'd worked pretty well with the 3M sticky tape.

It was hopeless! You push a bit up and feel it's about to peel. Then it just drops back into place with a rubbery grin. Eventually I gave up and went to see what progress we could expect. Nick said they'd have a go at cleaning the hole and rust treatment in the morning. I can see us camping out in this boatyard for a little while yet!


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