Monday 23 August 2021

Goodbye to Coventry

Last night a couple from another boat were out on the wharf in Coventry Basin singing songs to a banjo, so I took my accordion across to join in. I didn't know any of their repertoire – quite a lot of American railroad numbers – but was able to play along, and we had a good time. Annoyingly, I completely forgot to get the names of either themselves or their boat – hope we meet up again sometime.

This morning it was time to pack up and leave. Past the Ricoh arena, less visible from the canal than the two Manchester stadia,

under the M6,

and up to Hawkesbury junction where, once again, a large boat was blocking the way.

Unlike last time, this was no novice. It was just that he was wanting to wind a very long boat. At one point he even invited me to use Erin Mae to push his nose around, partly so that we could slip by the side, under the bridge and onto the Oxford Canal.

This seems to be junction, not just for the Oxford and Coventry canals but also, just round the corner(s) for all the local high voltage power lines.

This evening we're nestled up in a spot that feels a bit more remote, though still just within sound range of the M6.

We're hoping all the electricity in the air won't fry us in the night!


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