Sunday 22 August 2021


Two new words for me (Rakshabandan and Mela), both tied up with Hindu culture. I have no intention of attempting to explain either the words or the link to a 19th century peace-making event, which I was told of yesterday. But today's festival, held in the canal basin, had the support of a good many organisations, including the Coventry-based British Organisation for People of Asian Origin (BOPA). It was well attended by all sorts of folks.

Throughout the day in the main marquee there was a programme of mostly Asian music, heavy on the drums, which was very popular.

In addition to the craft and food stalls you'd expect, there were also a couple of crafty boats with their wares on display.

The military recruiting machine was out in force.

And in the middle, to my surprise, was Richard Parry, CRT's CEO, with other members of the CRT team. 

Richard, in my experience, is a very approachable person. This is the third time I've run into him (Leeds & Liverpool towpath in 2015, and at a BCF AGM) and it was good to chat briefly again about boating issues.

Late afternoon we went to the Cathedral for Choral Evensong. Quite a contrast!


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