Tuesday 3 August 2021

Worth the wait

We were up betimes this morning, in order to see Nigel of Streethay Wharf about sorting Erin Mae's various heating issues. We had a discussion about whether the diesel-powered heater for the central heating should have a service, while I was more concerned about whether there was sufficient coolant in the system. Rob came down, fired up the heater, checked the coolant and said it all seemed OK. He also fitted a bracket to keep the heater exhaust away from some rubber pipes which are part of the engine's cooling system. All very satisfactory.

Then Nigel, Rob and I talked about when they could replace the flue for the wood-burner, given that Nigel had been pessimistic about doing it before September. In the end he went ahead and ordered the parts, with the expectation of doing the work at the end of this week. All extremely satisfactory.

So we left the rather soulless spot on the wharf where we spent last night, and in the sunshine came up to Fradley, tying up a little before the famous junction.

There's a pharmacy in the village, and we were able to get our GP practice to do an electronic prescription for my best beloved. We can pick that up tomorrow, and then ring Streethay on Thursday to check the parts have arrived.

All in all, things are moving along.


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