Monday 9 August 2021


We were up at 6.30 to get Erin Mae down to Streethay Wharf. At last it was time for the work on the flue and chimney. First we had to remove the old paint can / plastic bag / tape construction which has been protecting things for nearly two years.

Scraping off the sticky residue of 3M's best tape with finger nails took an age, so was best undertaken by the unpaid auxiliary labour (me). I don't think I'll be finger-picking my guitar any time soon. Meanwhile Rob went inside to attack the old flue.

Once that and the insulation had been removed, he came outside and withdrew the inner flue via the hole. I caught it mid-exit!

The removal of the external collar left yet another patch of paintwork to be cleaned up.

And the old wooden collar finally reveals its structure, and how the water must have been leaking in.

After a while I went back inside. The stove had disappeared!

Rob had decided that to do what had to be done would be much easier in the workshop. So he manhandled it carefully down to the well-deck.

After that he wisely asked a colleague for help in lifting it off the boat and onto a trolley. But a peek at the top shows not only the split top plate that has to be replaced, but also what has accumulated above the inner plate.

So it's in the workshop for a re-furb. Tomorrow will bring a sparkly re-painted stove back to its corner and hopefully the new flue will attach without trauma.

It's another night 50 yards from the A38.


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