Thursday 5 August 2021


We needed to wait at Fradley today, until we heard whether the parts had arrived at Streethay Wharf to repair our wood-burner flue. By the end of the day they still hadn't come, so it looks as though we'll be staying put over the weekend. It's been grey and wet and not very nice for moving, anyway.

Walking to the Fradley South Co-op again this morning, I passed this rose growing in a bit of rough ground.

Someone's missing a harvest. I always thought of rose-hip syrup as being primarily a source of vitamin C but, checking my facts in Wikipedia (!) I found lots of extra info. Including that you can eat the hips raw like berries, provided you "avoid the hairs inside the fruit. The hairs are used as itching powder."

I don't think I'll be passing on that piece of information to my grandchildren.


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