Friday 13 August 2021


First thing, Rob and Joe were on our pontoon with a couple of poles. Before we knew it, they were propelling pontoon, Erin Mae and Swyfdon Spirit some yards towards Coventry.

When I called to Rob that this was unbelievable, he called back (and I quote): "This whole place is unbelievable!". Turned out they needed to get a boat out of the water up a ramp that we were blocking. On the way back, Robin promised to come and talk about the alternator problem, but in the end it was Nick and Nigel who came, because they had a boat with a similar problem and wanted to be part of the conversation. And then it was yet another engineer (Steve) who did some checks and fitted a new alternator. Not the cheapest solution, but the best one at this time. 

Then the bill for all the work! Best passed over. Finally we were ready to leave, except that a boat in need was trying to manoeuvre back to a mooring space. Poles in evidence again – that's Steve on the bows, helping.

So finally, finally, we said farewell to the pontoon where we've been since Monday. The service has been great and the people first-rate, but we shan't miss the pontoon!

It was very windy cruising down to Hopwas, but we didn't have any close encounters until we were tied up on the visitor moorings.

A boat coming through the bridge hit us and bounced down Erin Mae's side. Charity prohibits further photos or descriptions. On the other hand, across the water was a delightful family with a chatty daughter.

We had a great natter about ducks and boats and other things of interest. Then we met Steve (not the wharf's alternator engineer):

Visiting the UK from the States, though a Brit by birth, Steve stopped to ask about canals and narrowboats – with the intention of perhaps having an extended family canal holiday some time in the future. Great to meet you, Steve. We really enjoyed chatting about stuff.

And tonight we are not sleeping next to the A38.


  1. Should that read "... we are not not sleeping next to the A38"?

    1. Ha! But actually I generally slept – the sleep of the forgiven!