Thursday 19 August 2021

Coventry Basin

Another grey day, but finally we were on our way to Coventry. There were one or two things to see on the way.

First was the entrance to the Ashby Canal – but we weren't going up there today.

I'm not sure this fella would go anywhere with a chimney that tall.

At Hawkesbury Junction there was a bit of a delay. We tried to fill the water tank, but the tap was the slowest we have ever encountered. Then we found some hirers having fun at the junction itself which, to be fair, can be a bit of a nightmare. We still don't really know what they were trying to do, but other boaters helped to pull them round when they got stuck. The boat just in front of us helpfully moved on and over so we could get through – our route was straight ahead.

Just beyond the junction is another water tap – not a lot quicker, but needs must. Four days till we can fill up again. The beasts on this bridge overlook the tap. To my eye the head of the big bird is more like a dinosaur than a swan!

Then it was on to new territory – the first time we've been on the Coventry stretch. It was mostly back-end urban and bleak, but with some surprises.

This was the first patch of water lilies, but not the last. The guy working on his boat quite enjoyed having his personal water garden!

After more than 3 hours travel we finally found the spot we'd booked (until Monday) in Coventry Basin. It's a decently worked area, with a statue of James Brindley (one of the early canal engineers), some shops and a coffee outlet. It will probably liven up at the weekend, and then we shall we wishing it hadn't.


  1. The last time I saw n/b Emily Anne she was at Wheelock, so something must happen to the chimney!
    Jo ex n/b Sarah Kate

    1. Even hinged or dropped onto the roof it would never make it through Bridge 12 on the Caldon! And I wonder what steam-driven boats do, with their huge chimneys!

    2. Emily Anne is a steam boat. Brian on Harnser saw them the other day, and it just so happened they were coming through a bridge, with the chimney down. Photo here:

    3. Nice spot, Adam. I think the other steam-powered boat I've seen had an even bigger chimney, but I don't remember where that was.

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