Monday 2 August 2021


We'd thought that by getting to Streethay Wharf in good time this morning, we might get the radiator system job done and dusted. Unfortunately, Nigel, who we've been discussing stuff with, is having a day off, since he was working Saturday. So we're tied up on the wharf, loosely roped to another boat, Swyfdon Spirit, to wait for tomorrow.

They talked about putting us on a proper jetty, but that came to nothing. So we bump a bit when any boats come past. Then it started to rain, so the hood went up. A fast stretch of the A38 is about 30 yards away. The contrast with where we were moored last night is rather stark!

I went out a few minutes ago, to see if I could get the last coat of bilge paint on the front locker, but spots of rain were starting to re-appear. So we're stuck inside, reading… and reading… and occasionally snoozing. As the glass-half-full man at the prayer meeting said: "Lord, we thank you that every day isn't like this one!"

Mind you, I've got a nice tea planned for tonight. And we might just watch the first episode of Baptiste, series 2.


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