Monday 6 September 2021


This alternative summer lifestyle still includes showers and running the washing machine, so we stopped for water at the Marston Doles locks, as we had done on the way up. The bollards down this stretch are wooden and awkward. You have to work really hard to keep a handling line from the roof in place when it's under tension.

This was where, the other day, the 60 foot boaters had not read the notice!

While the tank filled I wandered down to see what was on the other side of the winding hole and had a surprise.

Connaught Historic Racing – definitely an alternative to Sunday's Formula 1. A few yards on the picture was filled out even further as I saw what was in the yard.

Tank filled, I went to set the lock and found it already being processed by a couple enjoying their alternative holiday.

Eight locks to do today, so we were glad of all the help we could get from boats coming up, or boats following us down, or the one volunteer we met along the way.

Halfway down the Napton flight we passed this boat. Why would I take a hasty snap backwards as I descended the next lock?

The reason is that the people under the bridge were the owners of the first dog I've ever encountered in a canal, taking either an alternative route to Fenny Compton, or an alternative method of keeping cool in the heat. I stopped, to avoid propellered dog, and they managed to haul him out by the collar!


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