Wednesday 22 September 2021

Atherstone (1)

Today I went into Atherstone. By car, from our marina, rather than on foot, from the visitor moorings. I needed to pick up a prescription from the excellent Lloyds Pharmacy, and do some supermarket shopping. I'd thought I'd take my camera, in case something of interest caught my attention – but then left the camera in the car (stupid!). So I found a picture of the church and neighbouring building on the web, and would credit the photographer, if I knew who it was.

The tower looks unusual, and worth investigating, on another occasion. Today my best beloved was not feeling her best, so I was in the town on my own. But I took the opportunity anyway to wander up the main street a bit, get a feel for it, and have a (guilty pleasure) flat white in the only coffee shop I could see (a Costa).

Atherstone looks an interesting small town – more to it than you might think. I'm reminded of the time we discovered and were amazed by Nantwich. Which is the reason for the "(1)" in the title of this post – I think another Atherstone post might appear at some point.


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