Thursday 9 September 2021

Angle grinder

The next few days will be a balance between getting slowly to the Rose Narrowboats base for an engine service next Tuesday, and doing enough engine hours to keep the batteries happy, now we're in that time of year when the solar contribution is diminished. So we stopped about a mile and a half before Braunston. Everything seemed pretty good. We'd run the washing machine, the sun was shining, and I began to peg the washing onto our Vango dryer on the towpath. 

Then the crew behind started up their generator. I'd seen it as we were pulling in, and had left a little space so we wouldn't be too close, should they run it. 

Well, not only did they run it, they used it to power up an angle grinder, with which they proceeded to power their way steadily and noisily along the surface of the gunwale. Decibels and dust! I certainly had not left enough space to reduce the decibels by much, and the wind was blowing the dust straight towards us and our clean washing! Perhaps they felt it was all a suitable trade-off for an unwanted sight of our unmentionables.

However, the promised rain arrived earlier than expected. Not very helpful for our washing, which was brought hurriedly under the stern cover. But sonic peace has descended once more.


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