Friday 17 September 2021


We wanted to call in at Springwood Haven Marina on our way north, so I checked the map and found it was located just after Bridge 27. Then I realised that the previous bridge on the map was NÂș24 – whatever had happened to the numbering system? I resolved to resolve this conundrum.

Bridge 24 wasn't far from our overnight mooring.

On we went, eyes alert. And there it was, all that was left of Bridge 25.

Presumably someone had once needed to cross the canal at this point, but it was hard to see evidence of why. And then, a bit further on, all that remains of Bridge 26.

Again, no signs of the whence or whither of this dilapidated piece. At least you could still see something of the arched brickwork, and we've seen ruins on our travels that are far worse eye-sores than these. Maybe a future industrial archaeologist will discover something really fascinating about their past use.

 Meanwhile, Bridge 27 was where and as the map suggested it should be.

Springwood Haven Marina couldn't help us with what we wanted, so we pushed on a little before tying up for the night.

The previous residents of this spot didn't think much of our arrival, and left us to it.


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