Friday 3 September 2021

View from a side hatch

We decided to take a day off in this quiet spot, with a gentle view across the fields from the side hatch.

A few boats have come past today, including two that have tied up in front of Erin Mae, but hardly enough to disturb the peace. The sun came out to defy the Met Office forecast and it's been a warm afternoon, though no doubt it will be chilly enough tonight to warrant a fire again.

I was making a cuppa just after 4, when NB An Unexpected Journey came past the window, slow enough for me to grab the camera.

What the steerer thought of me clicking him from the side hatch, I can't think. He perhaps thought I thought he was doing something he didn't oughta. But then he probably doesn't know that I'm compiling a list of Tolkien-themed boat names. Or that, even though he's the 29th, he's shot to the top of this alphabetically-ordered roster.


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