Tuesday 28 September 2021


We'd known our neighbours on the other side were returning to base at some point, and today they arrived. They slid into their berth with nary a tickle on Erin Mae.

Looking pretty traditional, and even more so at the other end.

So I did some internet searching – but this boat didn't look like anything in the historic boats register that answers to the name of Venus. A chat with our new neighbour David cleared it all up. The boat is a replica, built about 13 years ago. And built, intriguingly, by whoever used to own the basin which now hosts this marina.

We chatted about Hartshill Hayes (yesterday's post), which David thought sounded promising for dog exercise, and about the panic-buying threat to either of us getting down the A34 this week without having to call out the emergency services.

And then we both got on with our jobs, because it's raining again!


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