Saturday 25 September 2021

William Gladstone

Our new neighbours (that is, we're new; they were here first!) are the proud possessors of NB William Gladstone. It's a 1970s boat, rescued, extended from 60' to 70' and fitted out by Richard Poole, from whom Anthony and Emma bought it when they decided to become liveaboards. Today they had visitors, and went out for a cruise.

Only trouble is – they're going to miss the marina BBQ, held to celebrate a year since it was opened. Good food (we hope) and an Irish band. Mancetter is reputedly the site of Boudicea's last stand – perhaps there's a Celtic connection there.

William Gladstone was apparently very disposed to help Ireland, and in favour of home rule, etc. So it's a bit odd that he should take off as soon as the Irish appear. More on this tomorrow, I think.


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