Sunday 12 September 2021


This may be an adventure, but all the excitement has been happening elsewhere. Last night we watched Emma Raducanu winning, and coping with winning, the US Open. Today we listened as both Hamilton and Verstappen, once again, refused to give way, and Emma Raducanu's favourite driver won the race.

I walked down to the Next store in a nearby shopping precinct to pick up an Amazon package. What a thrill! Almost the most exciting thing to happen all day was losing the plastic container in which we keep rolls of plastic bags of various sizes (apologies to Helen Tidy, who probably abhors plastic bags of any sort). I mean, how can you lose something like that in a narrowboat kitchen? Ah, it had fallen down the back of the trolley on which it normally sits.

Also fallen down was a young man on the path on the opposite side of the canal. We noticed him when two police officers appeared, to check on things. All three have now gone – trust the evening passes off for him with no further excitement. As for us… well, there's always tomorrow.


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