Saturday 18 September 2021


It had been a good mooring at Spring Wood, but we needed to be on our way by 8.30, while the mist still clung.

We were en route to Mancetter Marina, to talk with Kathryn the manager about a berth. After 11 years, it's time to move our base from Great Haywood.

Mancetter is just south of Atherstone, on the Coventry Canal. The marina was built and is operated by the Rothen Group, who do a lot of contractual work for CRT, and decided to create a marina to their own specification. It opened just last year.

We were very happy with how things had been set up. It's smaller and quieter than Great Haywood, and we'll need to get used to how some things work, but it's got all the essentials and is a delightful spot. So we signed on the dotted line. We'll stay over the weekend, and then see how our plans for next week pan out. Somehow I've got to get across to Great Haywood to pick up the car (and hope it still works!).

Erin Mae seems happy on her mooring, though tomorrow she'll be pulled across to the berth on the right when NB Shadow moves out and on. She's currently enjoying giving the batteries a good dose of electrons from the land-line!


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