Friday 24 September 2021

Ground control

A call today from Jon, who's doing bits and bobs in the bathroom of our bricks and mortar in the New Forest. Like, replacing everything and fitting a shower enclosure instead of a bath! An update and progress report, and to check agreed procedures for problem-solving. Great to have a friend who you trust in the trade – we've known him for 35 years since 'e were a lad, and were happy simply to give him the house-key when we came up to Erin Mae and let him get on with it.

At the time of the call, we were in Dobbies (Atherstone) Garden Centre, which appeared to have become about 50% Sainsbury's. Very confusing, but also very convenient as we needed to buy a pudding to take to the marina's celebratory BBQ tomorrow evening.

This spaceship is now going nowhere, of course, but is doing so fairly successfully. It's almost time to pull the plug on this blog for the winter, but there should be just one or two more entries to make before I do so.


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