Wednesday 1 September 2021


After all the activity of the last two days, both ours and that deriving from the multiple marinas and hire bases near Napton Junction, today was definitely to be quieter. On the way to the Napton locks we met only one boat, which unfortunately, politely giving us room on a corner, ran aground on the outside of the bend and had to spend a little while reversing off! The canal here meanders round the hill on which Napton-on-the-hill stands, so there are some fine views up it, including one of the windmill. We couldn't tell if it is in any way functional, or just a Jonathan Creek-Style residence.

We brought the water in the first lock up to level, for a boat coming down to use, and then went up to moor on the right hand side between the locks.

 It's a very nice spot, with a fine view back to the village in spite of the greyness of the day, and we were looking forward to a nice, quiet afternoon, perhaps incorporating a snooze.

Then the boat behind started his engine, presumably to charge his batteries. Some engines are relatively quiet and unobtrusive on tickover. Not this one! It was so rattly I thought for a while it was an old generator. So much for a peaceful afternoon. Mind you, my best beloved still went off to the land of nod regardless. I did other things.


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