Sunday 19 September 2021


Today I reversed out from our temporary mooring, turned around and reversed back in. Partly to experiment with how it feels to have Erin Mae the other round. And partly so that I could complete the task begun some weeks ago, in Coventry, of polishing Erin Mae's red sections.

For some reason, red paint is especially susceptible to weathering. I'd also made the mistake of washing the paintwork with a Turtlewax shampoo (or something similar), and it had left dull smears that looked appalling. So I've been pretty pleased with the results of using a proper polish. However, as far as I can see, the paintwork will continue to be marked "in progress" until I'm in my dotage.

Having used the pontoon to accomplish this task, I pulled Erin Mae across to what will be her long-term mooring.

It was worth another snap, partly to show what I mean about the need for ongoing progress, and partly because you can see the reflection of the next boat in the newly polished section!


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