Monday 13 September 2021


We'd seen this boat on our way south, but had been too slow to take a photo.

The interest, for us, was in the name, because of our Norwegian family connection.

It seems an odd name for a boat, unless it was someone's pun on "Oh – Slow!" But it seemed the wrong style of boat to boast that vaguely humorous attempt. I suppose it would be called a tug, even with the box-like superstructure at the front. I've not yet understood why a boat with a long, flat bit at the front is called a tug unless, traditionally, boats that pulled other boats needed a platform for gear that might be needed to help them in that task. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Today we also crossed with a pair – one 70 foot diesel powered FMC boat towing an equally long butty. Fortunately this was not on a bend with someone parked on the outside! And, finally, we spotted NÂș 30 in the list of Tolkien-themed names.

I exclude duplicates – only listing one Rivendell, for example. The list already contains Hobbit and An Unexpected Journey, but this boat combines them, so I think merits an entry of its own. I've taken the liberty of inserted a colon, for clarity. If you want to see the updated list, it's here.


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