Wednesday 15 September 2021


The main line north from Rugby accompanies the canal for annoyingly lengthy sections, but after the canal passes under the M6 it begins to sweep away to the west in a long curve towards Ansty.

No more trains are heard, and the sound of the traffic fades away.

There's a golf course on the left-hand side, though we saw no golfers.

All-in-all, it's a pleasant stretch. Coming to Ansty, we looked for the water-point, but couldn't see it. So we drifted on and eventually tied up at a place where the canal sweeps round to the right – not quite as bad as some of those locations I wrote about on Saturday, but it does encourage passing boats to slow down!

This part of the canal forms a triangle with the M6 and the M69 – we can't hear either.

What I can hear, however, is the voice of my best beloved. Erin Mae hasn't been getting quite all the TLC she deserves, and she wants me to sweep the floor!


  1. The water point is on the way out of Ansty, just after the bridge.

    1. That's right, Adam. We'd seen it on the map, and we could see the CRT signs. But the tap? Maybe it was being obscured by the large, dull blue boat moored right across where I thought it should be! Or maybe I just need to get my eyes tested again.